About hugo bertrand in a place for words-think like a beginner

Hungry for adventure, thoughtful, young, old, creative, funny, serious, rebellious, original, unreal, confident, assertive, timid, crazy, wise, enthusiastic etcetera…Maybe these are words that define me – or you. A Place For Words, this is the place that defines me most.

A Place For Words started in 2012 simply out of my love for storytelling, for rhetoric, for dialogue, and for big ideas. Here is one idea I value: “It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy”. I think sometimes you’re smarter fighting tradition than obeying the rules… You may see that at times the characters I create fight for unconformity. There is, maybe very little, but there is some philosophy in my stories.

Anyway, A Place For Words is a place for creative writing, for short and funny and absurd and non-traditional stories. It’s a place where imagination takes over reality. It’s a place where I – and you – can feel free.